Definition of Bullying
Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical conducted by an individual or group against others.(Department of Education and Science 1993)


To prevent bullying by developing life skills such as self-confidence and assertiveness in children.

To make all children aware of their rights as individuals and to teach them the procedures which exist in the school to protect these rights.

To put in place the procedures to both prevent bullying and to deal with incidences of bullying as they arise.

Prevention of Bullying
Role of the Teacher

Teachers will support children who are victims of bullying in every way and will not engage in or promote any behaviour, which will instigate or reinforce bullying.

School strategies
A positive and open atmosphere is promoted throughout the school.

Children will be given a clear definition of what bullying is and encouraged to report incidents immediately as they occur.

Self-Esteem is fostered and developed in “Circle Time” and Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) lessons.

Programmes such as Bí Sabháilte (Stay Safe). Misneach (Walk Tall) and Beo go Deo are used in the school.

Management of Instances
Management of bullying is dealt with under the school’s Code of Discipline (Cód Smachta). The school operates under the D.E.S. guidelines on “Children First” and adheres to those guidelines.