Choosing Gaelscoil

Learning Through Irish

We understand that not all children will have experience of speaking Irish before they come to school. Whilst an advantage, it is by no means necessary that parents are fluent in Irish. It does not hamper your child in their ability to learn through Irish. Indeed, the majority of Gaelscoil pupils do not have fluent Irish speaking parents.

We aim to provide early fluency in Irish through the use of‘Immersion Education’ techniques. Irish is utilised on a continual basis, in everyday practical situations and through class work so that understanding and fluency is steadily gained. This is further extended to the experience of Irish culture through active engagement in dance, music, games and heritage


Learning Together

Well-rounded education is based on a partnership of home, pupil and Gaelscoil. We encourage the involvement and assistance of parent/guardians in the activities of the school and foster ‘learning together’ programmes. Parents regularly take part in field trip expeditions and also assist in class learning and teaching new skills.


Learning Through Fun

We believe that education should stimulate and engage our childrens talents, as well as expand their social abilities. To this end we offer a wide range of opportunities to learn through fun and activity