Code of Behaviour


At Gaelscoil Chaladh an Treoigh we aim to create a school environment in which we can all work and learn together in a tolerant and respectful manner. Within this we adopt a positive approach to discipline within the school. The code of behaviour has been prepared in compliance with Section 23 of the Education Welfare Act 2000 and has been developed in accordance with “Developing a Code of Behaviour: Guidelines for schools “ National Educational Welfare Board, 2008”.

Whole School Approach to Behaviour Management:

Board of Management:

The overall responsibility for ensuring that the code of behaviour is prepared and implemented rests with the Board of Management. The Board has particular responsibility for the ethos of the school, as well as having overall responsibility for school policies. The Board fully supports the staff in implementing the code of behaviour and provides for opportunities for relevant staff development as appropriate. The Board may be involved in dealing with gross misbehaviour.

Consistent Ethos, Policies and Practices.
All our policies and procedures whether curricular or organisational are evaluated and reviewed in terms of how they help create a positive school climate which will support good behaviour. This is done informally, at staff meetings, at planning days, at middle management and senior management meetings. It is also done in the different policy working groups.

Curriculum Content and Classroom Management
Teachers are aware that the foundation of positive learning behaviour is effective teaching of an inclusive and engaging curriculum. Hence our curriculum policies which outline content and methodologies are important. Good planning is encouraged as is differentiation to cater for those students with special needs. Effective classroom management is seen as a critical factor in maintaining positivity and preventing problems.

As a staff our aim is to create a happy, secure environment for all our pupils, within which there is order, effective teaching and an agreed approach to discipline.

School Assembly is held approximately once a fortnight for Junior Infants-Rang 2 and for Rang 3-Rang 6. These are tailored to build up an inclusive and involved school community. Children from each class are awarded teastas in recognition of good behaviour, effort and achievement.

Glór na seachtaine is an award given to pupils who are making a special effort with their Irish. Assembly is also a time for the children to display work/projects being carried out in the classroom.

A written communication from parents will be required for:

Any absence from school which should be dated and signed and give a reason for the absence.

A parent wishing that their child leaves school early.

A child coming to school without completed homework.

A child is not wearing a school uniform.

A parent wishing that their child remains indoors during break.

Organising a meeting with a teacher.

Code of Behaviour
School Rules 
The following is the general code of behaviour expected of all pupils:

I will do my best to speak Irish to the best of my ability at all times (Rang 1-Rang VI)
I will be gentle – I will not hurt anyone
I will be kind and helpful – I will not hurt people’s feelings
I will be honest – I will not hide the truth
I will listen – I will not interrupt
I will look after property – I will not waste or damage things
I will work hard – I will not waste time

Classroom rules
I will sit on my chair when requested to do so and do my work well
I will listen. I will let others speak
I will always walk
I will help to keep a tidy classroom
I will use the toilet properly and wash my hands
I will be kind and helpful and not hurt other peoples’ feelings

I will follow the direction of the teacher
I will respect myself, the teacher, other staff members, fellow pupils and class visitors.

Yard rules
I will stay in the designated area
I will walk quietly in the line to and from the yard
I will walk in the yard in the morning before the bell rings
I will let others join in games
I will be gentle. I will not kick, punch or play rough games
I will not use bad language or call names
I will be fair
I will walk to my line when I hear the bell

School Outings/ Activities Rules
I will follow directions of staff
I will remain with the teacher/ supervisor and group at all times
I will behave politely to all others
I will obey the rules of general good behaviour