Healthy Eating

We promote and support healthy eating at school through our ‘healthy lunch policy’, through participation in national and school-wide schemes and by leading by example.

To help children and parents/guardians make healthy food choices.

To improve the children’s concentration and energy levels.

To develop an awareness of nutrition.

Foods for a Healthy Lunch
Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, fruit salad, sandwiches, bread, flour tortillas (wraps), pancakes, salad, fruit juice, wraps and rolls, crackers, rice cakes, bagels, yoghurt drinks (Rang II —VI) couscous.

Please note that certain treat days will occur throughout the year.

Foods Not Permitted
Crisps, gum, peanuts, Danish pastries, doughnuts, cereal bars, frubes/yoghurts (until Rang II), any type of biscuits, sweets, popcorn, fizzy drinks, sports drinks, chocolate or any food containing chocolate, muffins, fruit winders.

Please note that these foods will be sent home if brought to school.