It is important that pupils take responsibility for their own learning and that they develop good independent work habits. We recognise that the home has a major part to play in the educational development of the child and we endeavour to promote opportunities for children to work with their parents and to forge links between school and home.

Why do we give homework? 
To provide pupils with the opportunity to revise and reinforce work undertaken in class.

To develop independent study skills and good work habits.

To provide parents with the opportunity to become involved with and supportive of their child’s learning.

To encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and to see learning as taking place outside of the school environment.

Guidelines for Parents

Average length of time to be spent at homework by the average student each night is as follows.
Junior Infants / Senior Infants 15-20 min.
Rang I / Rang II 30-45 min.
Rang III / Rang IV 45 -75 min.
Rang V/ Rang VI 90 – 120 min.

Role of Parents

It is very important that parents/guardians:

Set aside a regular time for homework.

Ensure your child is seated comfortably and in a well ventilated room, without distractions e.g. TV, radio etc.

Ensure that your child has all copies, pens, rulers etc. before homework starts.

Check that your child records homework neatly and ticks each item when complete.

Sign the homework journal (dialann obair bhaile).

Ensure that all copies, books etc are returned to the bag immediately after homework is completed.