Incredible Years

Incredible Years was developed in the 1980s by Carolyn Webster Stratton, and is currently in use by the Junior Infants and Senior Infants teachers in Gaelscoil Chaladh an Treoigh as part of our positive approach to behaviour and discipline in school.

The primary focus is promoting more positive interactions between teacher and child and subsequently altering teacher’s reactions to specific child behaviours.

Incredible Years Teacher Training

With the profound belief that ‘social competence and emotional security’ affect our ability to learn, the training programme for teachers is centred on the development of a child’s self esteem, social skills, problem solving skills and thus academic achievement.

Webster Stratton believes that the earlier the intervention the better for preventing the development of chronic patterns of poor behaviour.

The Incredible Years Teacher Training focuses on building teacher competence in preventing and managing behaviour problems using positive communication skills and promoting positive involvement with children. It also provides effective skills to deal with difficult behaviours.

It aims to promote children’s competence to manage & prevent behaviour problems through improving selfesteem, teaching problemsolving & anger management skills, increasing positive interactions and decreasing aggressive behaviour.

Incredible Years provides effective ways that teachers and parents can work together to address the needs of particular children but also provides a variety of classroom management strategies to develop social and academic competence in all children.

The programme is currently being evaluated in an Irish context in Limerick. The process of evaluation has found that the programme reduces problem behaviour in pupils, and increases social, emotional & academic development in pupils.

Who is Carolyn Webster Stratton?

Carolyn Webster Stratton is an American educational and clinical psychologist who has based Incredible Years on the modelling of sound learning principles in both behaviour management and social interaction. At the core is the belief that people can change their patterns of behaviour as a direct result of the positive interactions they have with one another every day. She also believes that early intervention can significantly lower the incidents of more serious behaviour problems in later years and into adulthood.


The Incredible Years Programme for Families

The Incredible Years Programme is also available for parents and families.

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