School Tours

This is a policy summary which explains the procedures that apply to all school activities that take place off campus. Copies of the full policy are available upon application to the school.

Taking into account the age and interests of pupils and the curriculum, school tours will be arranged by the school to present pupils with a new environment in which they can observe, investigate and relate their findings to their own environment. The venue for tours will be arranged at the discretion of the class teacher in consultation with the principal. School trips are confined to one day only excursions. 

On each tour one teacher will be responsible for arranging transport (where required) – this teacher will be the designated tour leader. The tour leader will ensure that:
• The approved transport supplier is used,
• A form of transport, appropriate to the distance and the numbers travelling will be chosen,
• A first aid kit is available at all times,
• Emergency medication is available for pupils who are covered by the Administration of
Medicines policy,
• Other useful items such as refuse and illness bags, newspapers and kitchen roll are available,
• A fully charged mobile phone is available at all times,
• A list of emergency numbers and contact numbers for all parents is available.

Conditions of Hiring
All transport supplied will be suitable and well-maintained. Teachers have the right to refuse any bus they find unsuitable for their outing. If the bus proves unsuitable a replacement will be supplied or the money refunded.
The driver will be used to dealing with pupils and have a thorough knowledge of and follow the itinerary and timetable for the tour. The driver is responsible for the safety of the pupils while they are travelling but teachers have the right to intervene if it is felt that pupil safety is compromised.
The group will have access to the bus for the full day. If the weather conditions are unfavourable the group will have the use of the bus for sheltering or for eating lunch. Buses will be left in a clean and tidy condition after use. All rubbish will be removed by pupils when the tour ends.

The tour leader will ensure that the cost of the tour is reasonable and represents value for money.
Pupils spending money: The tour leader will, in consultation with other teachers travelling, notify their group of the upper limit on spending money. This will be based on age and venue.
The teacher will be aware of the educational opportunities afforded, and services available (phone, toilets, emergency facilities).

Weather Conditions
Raincoats and hats will be required for all pupils going on tours where the main activity takes place outdoors. A change of clothes may also be necessary, depending on the venue – the tour leader will decide this in advance.

Uniforms will normally be worn on school tours/ trips.

Problems on tours/ trips
Where significant problems arise (e.g. problems with the venue or transport) the tour leader will discuss it with the Principal and a decision will be made on how best to proceed.

Pupil Behaviour
Pupil behaviour on tours will comply with the standard set down in the Code of Discipline. In
certain circumstances parents/guardians may be asked to agree to a contract of behaviour.
Where it is felt that a pupil’s conduct would pose a safety risk or inhibit the educational benefit for him/herself or others, the teacher may refuse the pupil permission to travel. Parents/Guardians will be advised of this in advance. In certain cases parents/guardians may be asked to accompany a pupil.

Safety and Supervision
Teachers will be extra vigilant when taking pupils off campus. Special attention will be paid to:
• ensuring pupils do not get separated,
• road safety,
• pupil behaviour en route, and
• the risks posed by particular venues.

A minimum of one teacher plus one adult will accompany each group

Teachers will ensure that the parent(s)/guardian(s) are given sufficient notice of: (where possible)
• Venue
• Departure time
• Collection time
• Cost
• Special clothing necessary and packed lunch
• Any other relevant detail that would help a parent/ guardian to prepare (e.g. changes to plans).

It is at the teachers discretion as to whether pupils are allowed to bring electronic devices on tours