School Uniform

It is important that our pupils learn to present themselves appropriately. A neat and tidy school uniform helps pupils to understand the importance of presentation and helps them develop their self-esteem and self-confidence.
The highest standard of personal appearance is expected at all times as it represents the standards set by our school for our children.

Whole School Approach
The Board of Management of Gaelscoil Chaladh an Treoigh along with the Parents’ Council, Principal and teachers endeavour to maintain the highest of standards in matters of dress code and personal appearance for all pupils in the school.

Roles and Responsibilities
Accordingly, parents must ensure that pupils comply with these standards in matters of general appearance, dress, hairstyles and jewellery at all times during the school term.
The school uniform is worn on all school days/events unless parents are notified in advance of a change.
It is understandable that from time to time a child may come to school without the correct uniform due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case the child should bring a written note to school explaining the reason for not having the correct uniform. Any child who comes to school without the correct uniform twice and without a note from parents/guardian will be given a white card/note – (see School Code of Conduct) .

Details of the Uniform
The formal school uniform is to be worn by pupils from Rang I to Rang VI during school hours, when representing the school on school outings and when and travelling to and from school. The uniform and footwear are to be kept clean and in good condition. Sports shoes are not to be worn except on PE days. 

Girls Uniform
Turquoise v-neck jumper with school crest,
Plaid skirt/navy pants
White blouse (polo is acceptable on PE days)
Dark navy/black socks (no other colour is permissable)
Navy / Black shoes (no other colour is permissable)

Boys Uniform
Turquoise v-neck jumper with school crest,
Navy pants,
White collared shirt (polo shirt is acceptable on PE days)
Dark Navy/black socks (no other colour is permissable)
Dark Navy /Black shoes (no other colour is permissable)

The school tracksuit is worn by Junior and Senior Infants. It is also worn by all pupils for PE days.

Girls and Boys Tracksuit (This is worn on PE days only). Rang I-VI
Navy sweatshirt with school crest
Navy tracksuit pants,
White polo t-shirt

Summer time
Pupils have the option of wearing navy knee length shorts in the Summer time.
Please note that any shorts above the knee are not acceptable.

Please note that hooded sweatshirts are strictly not acceptable.