Comhairle na dTuismitheoirí

Welcome to the Parents’ Page of Gaelscoil Chaladh an Treoigh’s Website. We are delighted to have a very active Parents Council at our school. The purpose of this page is to keep you all up to date on the initiatives that the Parents’ Council is involved with. All parents are welcome to join the Parents’ Council and attend our regular meetings throughout the year.

Our Objective

To assist the school management and teachers in the education and welfare of our children.This assistance can be provided by all parents in a number of different ways, for example, by volunteering to assist with school events or by running/supporting school fundraising activities. Indeed as a result of parent’s generosity we have been extremely fortunate in that our financial contributions in the past. This has helped the school purchase necessary classroom and sports equipment for use by both the teachers and our children. The purchase of this equipment would not have been possible without parental support and we wish to acknowledge our gratitude to all for assisting the school in this important step.

There are other ways to be of assistance – so whether you are prepared to become a member of the Parents Council or even just stack the chairs after the school concert, your help would be greatly appreciated. We would be happy to see a few new faces or even just to get an offer to help out at some of the events during the year. Don’t be shy, it is your school too!

Action Plan

Our Action Plan consists of the following three key areas:

1. Parental Involvement – To create opportunities for parents and staff to work together on common tasks and develop positive relationships for the good of our children. We strive to ensure that parents’ viewpoints are represented in policies and systems drawn up by the school. To work on behalf of the parent body to identify areas for development and improvement in the school and promote the work of the school.

2. Communication – To make sure that all parents are advised of any key issues that affect our children and enable all parents to express their views and wishes in a range of different ways that make it possible for everyone to contribute in a way that suite them best.

Methods of communication include:

  • Parent Council Meeting – open meeting held every term
  • Parent Council Newsletter – published once a term
  • Parents Council names & contact details

3. Fundraising – Fundraising events are very important in helping to provide the best possible school life for our children. The Parent Council is responsible for organising various activities and social events throughout the year.

You can also keep up to date with regular events and news by following the Gaelscoil Chaladh and Treoigh Parents Council on Facebook. Click here for more information

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Laethanta Saoire an tSamhraidh
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Ath-oscailt na scoile / School re-opens
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